Benefits of Facial Hijama cupping

​​Cupping therapy is considered one of the most important ancient healing methods still used today. There are various types of cupping, including facial cupping, which focuses on cupping the face. Facial Hijama has significant health and therapeutic benefits as it stimulates blood circulation, giving the face a youthful glow and removing toxins and impurities from the skin. In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of facial cupping and its different types.

What is facial Hijama cupping?

Face Hijama is considered as one of the important types of cupping because it focuses on the facial area primarily. Small cups are used in specific areas for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. The cups are used to draw out stagnant blood and toxins from the facial skin. Face cupping is completely safe and leaves no side effects or scars on the skin. Instead, it is a method to increase the vitality of the skin and activate the cells permanently.

Cupping areas on the face

Facial Hijama cupping differs in terms of the areas targeted, as each area has specific benefits and purposes. Some of the important areas for facial cupping include:

●  Cheeks: Cheek cupping helps enhance the skin’s radiance and brightness. It improves the skin tone, treats wrinkles and sagging in the face. Cups for facial cupping are directly applied to the cheekbones.

●  Forehead: The forehead area is one of the important areas for facial cupping. Cupping on the forehead helps stimulate blood circulation, alleviate headaches and head pain. It also aids in reducing congestion and sinusitis. Cups for cupping are applied directly above the eyebrows and in the middle of the forehead.

●  Around the Eyes: Cupping around the eyes helps stimulate blood circulation in this area, reducing dark circles and wrinkles. It also aids in treating tiredness, eye puffiness, and redness.

●  Chin and Jawline: Cupping in this area helps alleviate tension and nerve pressure. It also has benefits in treating muscle spasms in the neck and promoting relaxation. Cups for cupping are directly applied under the chin.

●  Nose: Cupping on the nose helps alleviate swelling and inflammation of the sinuses. It also contributes to reducing headaches and nasal congestion. Cups are applied next to the nostrils and on the bridge of the nose.

Benefits of facial Hijama cupping

There are many benefits of facial Hijama that individuals can experience when engaging in this therapeutic and cosmetic activity. Some of the important benefits include:

Improved Blood Circulation:

Facial Hijama helps stimulate and enhance blood flow to the face and head, which greatly benefits the facial skin and organs. It improves their function, activates the brain, and provides a sense of relaxation and comfort. The increased blood flow to the head aids in treating headaches, insomnia, stress, and promotes mental well-being. Additionally, it helps in renewing the skin cells.

Detoxification of the Skin:

Cosmetic facial cupping purifies the facial skin by eliminating impure blood, toxins, and impurities. This positively reflects on the freshness of the face, reduces acne, spots, and blemishes, and enhances the appearance and smoothness of the skin.

Improved Sinus Function:

One of the important benefits of facial Hijama cupping, particularly in the forehead area, is the reduction of sinus congestion, inflammation, and blockage. It also helps alleviate allergy problems and breathing difficulties caused by swollen sinuses.

Relief from Muscle Tension:

Facial Hijama contributes to relieving tension, anxiety, and muscle relaxation. It specifically helps in reducing muscle spasms in the face and jaw. By drawing out impure blood and toxins from the face, it aids in improving the function and performance of facial muscles.

Cosmetic cupping for the face

Cosmetic facial Hijama is one of the types of facial cupping that has cosmetic benefits for the facial skin and its radiance. It relies on the principle of cupping and cups in specific areas for cosmetic purposes. Some of its important benefits include:

●  Reduction of Dark Circles and Eye Puffiness: Cosmetic facial Hijama cupping is used to minimize dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, giving a radiant and fresh look to the eye area.

●  Stimulation of Collagen and Elastin Production: It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps in tightening the facial skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

●  Opening of Facial Pores: Cosmetic facial cupping helps in opening the facial pores, allowing better absorption of skincare products and resulting in a more radiant and vibrant skin. It maximizes the benefits that the skin receives from these products.

Facial Hijama cupping at Kareema Issa Center

Kareemah Issa Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services and cupping services. Facial Hijama service is one of the important services provided, where facial cupping sessions are performed by specialists in this field. Sterilized facial cupping cups are applied to the appropriate areas for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. At Kareema Issa Medical Center, we guarantee that you will fully benefit from facial Hijama cupping.


What does facial cupping do?

Facial Hijama cupping offers numerous important benefits. Firstly, it stimulates blood circulation in the facial area, resulting in increased blood flow and the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. As a result, the skin becomes more vibrant and radiant. Additionally, cupping helps in removing toxins and accumulated impurities from the skin, reducing the appearance of skin problems, pimples, and blemishes.

When do the results of facial Hijama appear?

Usually, the results of facial Hijama start to become visible after a series of regular sessions. The timeframe required to observe these results varies depending on several factors, with the number of cupping sessions playing a significant role. Facial Hijama generally necessitates a series of sessions – typically around 3-5 sessions initially to notice some improvement. However, for better and more sustainable results, you may require 6-10 sessions or more.

Does facial Hijama cupping leave a mark?

In reality, facial cupping does not leave permanent or long-lasting marks. It may cause some temporary redness or a glow that fades after a short period. However, if facial Hijama cupping cups are applied improperly or unprofessionally, they may leave some bruises on the face.

How often should facial cupping be used?

The recommended frequency of facial Hijama use varies depending on the treatment goal and the condition of the skin.

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