Obesity Management Therapy

Obesity Management Therapy

The Department of therapeutic nutrition at Kareema Issa Medical Center is concerned with the treatment of kids obesity through medical and behavioral counseling sessions with our dietitian and slimming consultant at the center, who in turn will assess the medical condition and develop the appropriate treatment plan to achieve the best desired and satisfactory results.


What is childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is defined as an increase in the weight of a child than normal for children of the same age. Childhood obesity is diagnosed by special tables based on readings of weight and height, through which body mass is calculated and compared to normal rates.



When this condition is accompanied by symptoms, it becomes a health problem and requires medical intervention and rapid treatment so that the child can complete his life and development properly and develop his organic functions to the fullest.

Causes of obesity in children


Causes of obesity in children

The main cause of childhood obesity is genetic factors that may make a child vulnerable to health problems at a very early age.

However, there are reasons that may help to aggravate the problem and its appearance at an early age and may be summarized in the hormonal factors that coincide with puberty, and the adoption of an unhealthy lifestyle, whether in nutrition or lack of exercise .


An unhealthy lifestyle may be represented by the following examples :

  • Eating large meals and overeating after feeling full .
  • Eating meals that contain a large amount of fat, low nutritional values and high calories such as fast food.
  • Eating excessive amount of fried foods like french fries .
  • Drinking soft drinks and carbonated water frequently, which causes problems of poor digestion and increases the blood sugar.
  • Excessive intake of refined white sugar through drinks and foods in large quantities.
  • Not eating vegetables and fruits or eating too little which is not enough for proper growth.
  • Lack of home-cooked food and heavy reliance on ready meals.
  • Lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle free of movement and sports.
  • Lack of exercise and sitting for long periods (more than two hours) in front of television, computer or mobile screens .

Are there conditions that cause obesity in children?

Yes, but they are very few cases compared to non-pathological conditions such as endocrine disorders, childhood diabetes, and some disorders in the hormones and functions of the reproductive system, which are preferred to be detected early through the specialist pediatrician or consultant endocrinologist.

How to intervene therapeutically in the problem of childhood obesity in our center

We at Kareema Issa Medical Center believe that the steps to treat obesity in children start from the inner surroundings of family and friends and then the school as the second home for the child, where the child may spend most of his time, and therefore must support the child psychologically by preparing the right practices and behavioral habits of healthy life so that he can take it as a routine that continues throughout his life.

Therefore, the treatment plan for each child will be drawn up separately between the nutritionist and the child and in partnership with the family , so the child can practice the things he likes in a more healthy and positive way .


The nutrition department at Kareema Issa Medical Center provides integrated treatment services for the following groups :

Our treatment plan will help them regain their normal weight and body shape faster and safely.



Pregnant mothers: where the nutritionist provides the most suitable food program for each mother, which achieves her health safety for her and her child throughout the pregnancy without exposure to health problems such as anemia, pain of joints and bones associated with the period of pregnancy.

The weight of the pregnant woman will also be monitored to maintain the ideal weight for different periods of pregnancy, which will then help her to return to pre- pregnancy weight properly and in a healthy way.


Nursing mothers: where nutritional counseling sessions will be provided to enable the mother to complete the period of breastfeeding with full health and wellness, which will contribute to the preservation of all the basic components of breast milk useful for the baby during the lactation period.



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