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Benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy for Women and Men

Hijama (cupping therapy) is one of the most important ancient treatment methods famous in Egyptian and ancient Chinese and Islamic medicine. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also recommended it. In this article, we will review the most important types of hijama and how it is performed. We will also explain the significant benefits of hijama for both men and women. It is essential to know the important tools of hijama and the appropriate and safe conditions for performing it in specialized clinics.

The nature of cupping therapy Treatments and its types

Hijama is one of the well-known traditional methods in the field of alternative medicine, with a history dating back thousands of years. It involves the use of special cups placed on specific points of the skin, causing suction or pulling of the skin and blood in a particular way, leading to stimulation of blood circulation and cells and tissues. Hijama is also used to treat some diseases or reduce the chances of getting them, as it is considered one of the most important preventive methods in addition to many different benefits of hijama. Hijama is divided into two main categories:

  • Dry cupping therapy: where cups are used for suction without causing any wounds or scratches on the skin, thus only the skin is suctioned.
  • Wet cupping therapy: During this procedure, small wounds are created on the skin before using cups to suction out a small amount of blood that may contain toxic or harmful substances.

General hijama and cupping therapy benefits

The benefits of cupping are numerous and almost countless, but one of the most prominent benefits is that it helps with:

  1. Stimulating blood circulation: Enhancing the suction process increases blood flow to the areas being treated or suctioned, helping to nourish the tissues and accelerate the healing and repair process.
  2. Pain Relief: Hijama and cupping therapy is considered one of the most important methods for relieving pain caused by some chronic diseases in certain areas of the body.
  3. Detoxifying the body: Hijama therapy stimulates the lymphatic vessels, thus helping to remove many toxins stored in these vessels or in the lymph nodes.
  4. Stimulating the Nervous System: There is no doubt that cupping is one of the most important ways to stimulate the nervous system and maintain its health and the safety of the nerves, as it helps in the flow of blood to the nerve nodes and rejuvenates the blood in the body.
  5. Immune system regulation: One of the most important benefits of hijama treatment is targeting the lymphatic vessels and cleansing the body from toxins.

Benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy for Women

Perhaps cupping is one of the most important practices that women should do, due to the multiple benefits of cupping for women, including:

  • Alleviating premenstrual symptoms and menstrual cramps: Regular hijama therapy helps reduce the severity of cramps associated with the menstrual cycle and alleviate the pain during this period.
  • Increase in fertility rate: One of the prominent benefits of wet cupping for women is an increase in female fertility, as experiments have shown an increase in pregnancy rates among women who undergo cupping.
  • Headache treatment: One of the benefits of cupping therapy on the head for women is the stimulation of blood vessels, thus enhancing blood flow to the brain, which contributes to treating headaches in women.

Benefits of Hijama cupping Therapy for men

The benefits of male cupping therapy are diverse and have been practiced since ancient times due to its important role in:

  • Stress Relief: Cupping helps men in relieving their stress and clearing their minds by suctioning toxins from the body.
  • Increasing fertility rate: One of the most important benefits of male cupping is enhancing sperm production and improving sexual health in men.
  • Treatment for symptoms of high blood pressure: Hijama therapy helps in controlling blood pressure in men and regulating blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of blood clots or heart attacks.

Benefits of hijama and cupping therapy for the head and back

Cupping therapy is strongly recommended for its many benefits on the body, especially cupping of the head and cupping of the back. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Headache Relief: One of the benefits of head hijama and cupping treatment is relieving headaches and head pain because it stimulates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Treatment of structural diseases and joint pain: Back cupping helps in relieving spinal and vertebral pain and contributes to alleviating joint pain.
  • Tissue regeneration: Cupping therapy on the head and back contributes to stimulating the building of cells in connective tissues, as well as the growth and activation of nerve cells.

Tools and conditions of hijama cupping treatment

Despite the multiple benefits of hijama therapy, there are a set of tools and conditions required to perform it in order to achieve maximum benefit. Some of the most important cupping tools used include:

  • Cupping glass: It can be made of different materials such as glass, plastic, bamboo wood, or silicone, but it is recommended to use a glass cupping glass for best results.
  • Flammable substance: Alcohol is often used, which is applied to a piece of cotton or sterile gauze to be used for wiping the glass.
  • Long wooden stick: used to ignite flammable material and heat the cup.
  • Needle or small sterilized blade: It is one of the tools used in wet cupping, and moisturizing and sterilized ointments should be used to avoid any infection or injury.

As for the conditions of cupping, there are several, including the following:

  • Ensuring there are no contraindications for cupping: One of the most important contraindications for cupping is anemia or having diseases of the kidneys, liver, or cupping in an area with chronic inflammation.
  • Skin cleanliness before cupping: This is to avoid the transfer of viruses and germs that may be present on the skin into the body, as the benefits of cupping focus on drawing out toxins from the body, so it is important to ensure that no new toxins leak in.
  • Performing cupping therapy by a trained and specialized individual: In order to achieve maximum benefit from hijama therapy, it is necessary to seek the services of a person who has undergone appropriate training to perform cupping therapy, such as a cupping clinic.

The conclusion

Hijama is considered one of the most important alternative medicine methods that help in removing toxins from the body, relieving headaches and some pains. There are many diverse benefits of hijama for both men and women in its various forms, such as wet cupping, dry cupping, head cupping, and back cupping. Each type has a specific method, specialized tools, and certain conditions to achieve the maximum benefit from the hijama process.


What happens in the body after Hijama therapy?

It cleanses the body from toxins and activates the circulatory system in it.

How many days does it take for the benefits of hijama cupping therapy to appear?

Usually, an individual feels comfortable immediately after a cupping session, and the benefits of cupping continue to appear sequentially between 3 to 5 days after the session.

Why is it necessary to rest after Hijama treatment?

To achieve the best results from the benefits of cupping therapy for a person, as it helps in stimulating their blood circulation and accelerating tissue regeneration, it is necessary to ensure they receive an adequate amount of rest.

How many cupping sessions are recommended per year?

There is no specific number, but it is preferred to perform cupping according to the Prophetic tradition on the 17th, 19th, or 21st day of the Islamic month, or the number of cups is unspecified.

Is it permissible to drink water after hijama therapy?

Yes, it is recommended to drink large amounts of water after cupping therapy in order to replenish the body’s fluids.

Why should one not sleep after hijama treatment?

It is advised not to sleep immediately after cupping to avoid blood clotting, which could be harmful to health, and also to help stimulate blood circulation in the body.

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