Your journey towards comfort and health with Thai massage in Dubai

What is Thai Massage?

At the Kareema Issa Medical Centre, we invite you to experience the authentic art of Thai massage, which is more than just a massage; it's a comprehensive experience that blends ancient traditions with the latest techniques to offer a unique experience that rejuvenates and balances you.


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Our Thai Massage Services

At the Kareema Issa Medical Centre, we offer a variety of Thai massage sessions, including:


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Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient art that combines acupressure techniques with yoga movements to improve health and well-being, increasing energy and flexibility.

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Thai oil massage

Thai Oil Massage combines the benefits of traditional Thai massage with the properties of essential oils to promote relaxation and improve physical and mental health.

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Therapeutic Thai massage

Therapeutic Thai massage uses specific techniques to treat pain and tension, and helps improve circulation and flexibility, enhancing overall health.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Thai massage offers numerous benefits, including:


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Improving blood circulation and overall health

Thai massage effectively contributes to improving blood circulation and enhancing general health. It uses various techniques to stimulate the body and mind, resulting in reduced stress, increased energy, improved flexibility and movement, and helps maintain internal balance and psychological well-being.

Alleviating stress and tension

Thai massage is effective in relieving tension and stress, providing deep relaxation to the body and mind. It helps improve the psychological state, reduce feelings of anxiety, enhance mental comfort, and gives a feeling of renewal and vitality, which makes it ideal for facing the stresses of daily life.

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Boosting energy and internal balance

Thai massage enhances energy and achieves inner balance, which contributes to improved physical and mental health. It stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress, stimulates the body’s self-healing, and helps promote general well-being and a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Promoting deep relaxation and mental peace

Thai massage effectively improves flexibility and relieves stiffness in the body. It helps restore normal movement, reduces muscle and joint pain, and contributes to enhancing physical and psychological health, making it an ideal choice for athletes and people who suffer from physical stress.

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Stimulating the body's energy points

Thai massage focuses on stimulating energy points in the body, which helps in enhancing vital energy and achieving a healthy balance.

Why Choose Kareema Issa Medical Centre for Thai Massage ?

Our team of professional therapists is highly trained in the art of Thai massage. We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and effective experience for every client. Our centre is designed to offer a tranquil and serene atmosphere, equipped with the latest equipment and technology to ensure the best possible experience.


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