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Everything you need to know about DermaPen for face

Dermapen is considered a device used for cosmetic purposes and helps in treating various facial skin problems. Dermabrasion sessions stimulate collagen production in the skin, which helps in renewing the skin and giving it freshness and youthfulness. Among the benefits of dermabrasion for the face is that it reduces facial wrinkles, lightens dark spots, and provides you with the advanced and modern facial dermabrasion device at Karema Issa Medical Center for a more youthful and vibrant skin.

What is DermaPen?

Dermaroller is considered a cosmetic device that contains a large number of fine needles. These needles are designed to penetrate the upper layers of the skin to create small holes, which stimulates the production of essential proteins in the skin such as collagen and elastin, which play a crucial role in renewing skin cells, giving it freshness and vitality. The dermaroller device is usually used on the face to treat facial skin, as it has great benefits and is used in appropriate therapeutic ways.

Uses and Benefits of Derma Pen for the Face

Dermaroller facial treatment is characterized by many benefits that make it a suitable option for solving many skin problems in a healthy way, relying on stimulating the skin to produce collagen. Some of these benefits include:

  • Minimizing large pores: A derma pen device is used to minimize the size of pores in different areas of the face such as the nose, forehead, or cheeks, resulting in smoother skin that is less prone to dryness.
  • Stimulating blood circulation: One of the benefits of facial derma rolling is that it helps stimulate blood flow to the facial skin, which helps in revitalizing skin cell growth and renewal.
  • Face skin tightening: Stimulating the derma pen to produce collagen and elastin greatly helps in tightening the facial skin and thus reducing sagging in the skin, giving the face a more youthful appearance.
  • Treatment for acne scars: Dermabrasion helps reduce the effects of acne scars and pits on the face, as it tightens the skin, which contributes to smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Reducing the appearance of dark spots and skin pigmentation: One of the most important benefits of Derma Pen is that it helps reduce dark spots on the face and lighten skin pigmentation by stimulating the growth of new, fresh skin cells.

How to conduct DermaPen sessions

Performing dermaplaning facial sessions requires skill and full knowledge of the proper technique to avoid any unwanted complications and achieve the best results. The sessions are conducted in several stages as follows:

  1. Preparing the face skin: It is necessary to clean the skin well, removing any makeup powders, oily substances, or even sebum secretions, to ensure the safety of using derma pen needles.
  2. Targeted facial anesthesia: A numbing cream is applied to the area where the device will be used to reduce the pain that may be caused by the needles penetrating the skin. However, it is a local anesthetic with limited effect, so there is no need to worry.
  3. Starting to use the device: Using the Derma Pen facial device begins by gently and calmly passing it over the skin, where the small needles open pores and the upper layer of the skin.
  4. Adjusting the depth of derma pen needles: Since the uses and benefits of derma pen are numerous and varied, the depth of the needles is controlled according to the skin type and the purpose of the derma pen sessions, to ensure achieving the desired treatment outcome.
  5. Skin nourishment: After using the Derma Pen facial device, some nourishing creams or serums are used to ensure the best desired results from the session.
  6. Home Care Follow-up: It is essential to follow up on skin care at home personally after undergoing a Derma Pen session, by avoiding direct exposure to the sun, refraining from washing the face with soap or any chemical substances, and keeping the skin moisturized by drinking enough water.

Benefits and uses of DermaPen with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is considered one of the most important treatments for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and collagen production stimulation. As demonstrated, Dermaroller also contributes to renewing skin freshness and stimulating the growth of new cells. Therefore, the combination of Dermaroller and mesotherapy is considered a successful and effective option because they complement each other’s functions. These are the main therapeutic and cosmetic uses of Dermaroller with mesotherapy:

  • Improving skin texture: Mesotherapy works to reduce wrinkles, repair skin cracks and cells, while Derma Pen contributes to stimulating blood circulation in the blood vessels in the skin, which helps in the growth of youthful cells, making the skin smoother and more vibrant in a short and remarkable time.
  • Reducing the effects of scars: Dermaroller combined with mesotherapy helps in renewing skin cells and tightening the skin, which aids in reducing the severity and effects of scars or completely removing them, making the impact of dermaroller with mesotherapy doubled and highly effective.
  • Collagen and elastin production in the skin: Using Derma Pen on the face along with mesotherapy helps stimulate the appropriate production of collagen and elastin in facial skin cells, contributing to tightening the face, reducing wrinkles and sagging, activating cells, all of which give the skin great and suitable freshness.


In conclusion, it is important to emphasize the significance of consulting with a medical or cosmetic expert before undergoing facial dermaplaning sessions to receive the best advice. Using dermaplaning in the most appropriate way contributes to enhancing its benefits and giving the face a more youthful and vibrant appearance for a longer period.


What is the time period between sessions of a Dermapen facial?

It is usually recommended to wait between three to six weeks, but you can ask the expert who performed the session to determine a suitable appointment.

Are there any side effects of using Derma Pen for the skin?

Some temporary side effects may appear that will disappear after several days, such as redness in the skin, mild itching, dry skin, and some mild non-painful tingling.

How effective is DermaPen for scars and wrinkles?

Since derma roller stimulates collagen production, it must contribute significantly to reducing wrinkles and scars by tightening the face and renewing cells.

When can results be noticed after starting DermaPen sessions?

The initial results can be noticed after a period of between 5 days to a week from the first session, but full results appear after about a month of regular dermapen sessions.

How to take care of the skin after a DermaPen session?

By avoiding the use of cosmetics, keeping the skin moisturized, and not exposing it directly to the sun’s rays.

Can DermaPen be used on the face at home?

Of course, it can be used at home, but it is preferable to have it done by an expert or someone who is accustomed to successful dermaplaning sessions.

After how many days do the results of DermaPen appear?

After about 5 or 7 days, some results of a dermapen session will start to show.

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